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At LM-Dental, we take great pride in turning dental care into a pleasant experience that is safer and more efficient than ever before. For decades, our Nordic roots have been the bedrock of innovative and high-quality dental products that are trusted by dental professionals and patients around the world.

By continuously improving our reliable services and standards, we create genuine value for dental care professionals by making a difference where it counts: helping people in all aspects of dentistry.


New intelligence in the dental clinic

Working together with dental clinics has revealed many challenges in material handling and traceability. There are increasing requirements for patient safety and documentation, and logistics and instrument maintenance could be managed better and more effectively. We have developed the idea of a smart instrument that with its intelligence helps to tackle these challenges. LM Dental Tracking SystemTM (DTS) is the first commercially available system to use RFID technology to efficiently and accurately track, monitor and control instruments and materials in the dental industry. LM DTSTM’s cutting edge multi-read RFID readers give the visibility of instruments and materials from storage and maintenance through to clinic and patient care. LM DTSTM server software provides clinicians with clear traceability of where instruments and materials are, and by whom and on who they have been used.

Learn more about LM Dental Tracking SystemTM (DTS) at www.dentaltracking.com.


Pioneer in Instrument Ergonomics

The ergonomics has been the guiding light of our product development since the establishment of the company. We are the innovation leader that others copy. Our radical product theses of the 1980s – a thicker handle, optimized shape, elastic surface, lightness and color coding – have become industry wide standards in the 21st century.

Based on new research we now know more than ever about ergonomic instrumentation. The result is LM-ErgoSense, a future icon in dentistry. With contemporary coating technology we are able add on additional features, that offer unique benefits for you and your patient. Sharpen free periodontal and non-stick restorative instruments are finally reality. In addition to the new level of ergonomics, LM-ErgoSense™ offers new opportunities with its builtin RFID technology, which together with scanning readers and software create a unique LM Dental Tracking System.

You can feel the difference and so does your most satisfied patient.


Sharp Diamond sharpen free coated hand instruments

LM Sharp Diamond instruments are completely sharpen free. These instruments are made from exceptionally durable special metal alloy, and its wear resistance is enhanced by a protective micro membrane coating.

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