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3Shape Dental System 2021 offers a disruption to traditional dental laboratory workflows through its integration of artificial intelligence. (Image: 3Shape)

3Shape Dental System 2021: Revolutionising the technician’s work through AI

By Brendan Day, Dental Tribune International
July 15, 2021

COPENHAGEN, Denmark: Ever since it was launched in 2005, 3Shape Dental System has been the software of choice for dental laboratory technicians who want to stay at the forefront of technological advancement. With the release of Dental System 2021, 3Shape is now allowing technicians to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and enhance their productivity through its new and improved integrated workflows.

One of the highlights of the latest version of this software is the creation of a new workflow that allows both partial and complete dentures to be designed at the same time. All complete denture design tools such as Gingivator 3.0 and tooth libraries are now also available for designing partial dentures, giving technicians an unprecedented level of flexibility and potential for customisation.

3Shape has also optimised the implant bridge workflow in Dental System 2021 with the goal of improving productivity as well as final restoration quality and aesthetics. By starting out with anatomy design and finishing with the adjustment of exit profiles, this all-in-one approach allows for faster and more predictable implant bridge designs.

Leveraging AI for design acceleration

Through its use of AI technology, 3Shape Dental System 2021 marks a radical shift in how dental laboratories perform their regular tasks. Tooth segmentation and occlusal plane adjustment are just two of the technician’s responsibilities that can now be conducted by AI tools, whereas lines for both temporary indications and dies are now placed automatically during the segmentation step of intra-oral cases.

3Shape Dental System 2021 offers new and improved digital workflows. (Image: 3Shape)

3Shape Dental System 2021 also offers pre-installed integration with the recently launched 3Shape Automate—the world’s first AI-powered digital dental design platform for single unit monolithic molar and premolar crowns. The speed, consistency and scalability that 3Shape Automate offers make it easier than ever for dental laboratories to outsource restorative design when dealing with rushes and to modify these designs to add the technician’s own personal touch.

“Our goal is to make every laboratory technician’s job easier,” said Dr Rune Fisker, senior vice president for product strategy at 3Shape. “We spend a great deal of resources working with technicians, listening to them and developing the tools they need to succeed.”

“From optimising workflows and the user interface and introducing AI power to open integration with production and laboratory management solutions, partners, libraries and components, Dental System 2021 is a software made for and inspired by dental laboratory technicians,” he added.

According to Fisker, 3Shape has “already received some extremely positive end-user feedback from dental technicians who have integrated Dental System 2021 into their workflows”.

Try 3Shape Dental System 2021 today

3Shape Dental System 2021 is available now—just contact your local reseller or request a demo from 3Shape. Learn more about this and all the other latest updates from 3Shape at the company’s website.

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