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  1. Paul Block says:

    These stats are B.S. The current US death to cases ratio is closer to 6%. Divide known deaths into total cases. The rate has been climbing throughout the pandemic. CDC cannot be trusted under Trump.

  2. Jessica Campos says:

    Don’t trust the CDC run by Trump they just want the numbers to look good now for the economies sake

  3. AJ says:

    I do not believe this “updated” information from the CDC. It is ashamed that even more people will die from this virus because of false peace and safety propaganda like this.

  4. Kayla says:

    The CDC is a political arm which can’t be trusted now… Great…

  5. A. Foster says:

    What’s missing is information on how many died with other comorbidities. This glaring omission skews the true facts @ C-19. Big difference in dying “of” vs “with”. Also need to know how many had C-19 put on death certificates but we’re not tested.

  6. Lawrence Schneider says:

    Thank you for this information. Quite a few people see things in a different way, so there will be no true agreement. Hopefully the Governor of Michigan uses some of this info.

  7. John Doe says:

    Just another flu season. Bet ya feel stupid now, but not as stupid as ya look with the mask on. 😆

  8. Jerry Smith says:


    NOT 100,000. At least 25% to 50% of those reported are bogus.
    There’s a big difference dying from COVID-19 and dying with COVID-19. If you had a broken thumb and died in a car wreck you didn’t die from the broken thumb. If you had cancer and jumped off a 30 story building because you were distraught, you didn’t die from cancer.

    3000,000 is not statistically possible at this point. It’s a shame that not many people actually learned basic high school statistics, this is basic stuff folks.

    If you’re afraid, stay at home but don’t expect the rest of us to pay you a bonus for doing so. Get your grubby hands out of my wallet.

  9. Jerry Smith says:

    @Allen @Bob – Keep believing the horse manure that your socialist idols are feeding you. The data never made sense to anyone that truly understands statistics. Worst flu season ever was far higher than 65,000. Worst flu season in a few decades was 65,000. The latest data suggests that this is 2.6x worse than an AVERAGE flu season. To get a 0.1 average there has to be some higher and some lower. It’s a bad flu season gentlemen. Time to face facts, your socialist idols have taken away your rights because of the flu. Take the RED PILL, knowing the truth is empowering.

    Still afraid – that’s your right. Stay home if you want, just stop infringing on my rights!

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